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The new CHTV: r0x0rs! is okay is not okay sux0rs :(
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CHTV DVD and Donations


Want to help make CHTV better?

No more downloading each and every demo? No more slow downloads?
Make a donation and I will gladly send you a DVD full of demos.

CHTV saying Goodbye?


CHTV is a community site but gets no help from the community. I believe it is simply a place to leech demos. Weeks go by now before demos are posted, it seems no one cares anymore.

Video Gamer Index (wiki)


About 10 years ago we created a Pro player Index. This index listed what we considered Professional Gamers, Gamers that made money from playing video games. It sat dormant for many years, never receiving any type of update.

Community Supported Tournament


I would like to organize and run some tournaments for multiple games, first off, Quakeworld because I know how much the community cares about the game. I have never come across a more dedicated community than us QW players.